Crisis Management

Good morning all.

Today there is a very interesting topic to discuss. The RBS system crash!

Lets look at how they are handling this situation with their customers and clients. From a consumer perspective they are doing all they can to react, they are doing this by turning to Social Media as a way to reach their customers and clients. But is it working, however?

There is much room for improvement there we believe as being Social Media experts ourselves, we can see what could be done to improve.

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To Social Media or not to Social Media?

The question persists and more and more people / businesses are asking themselves the same question over and over again. However, most of them have not been able to find the answers.

Here at the DGC we are discovering the answers, also making new discoveries everyday but what counts to us is that we understand the potential and we know how to use that potential to help other businesses grow.

How are you using Social Media?

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Social Media Today

Everyday, Social Media reveals another field where it can be used. It has revolutionized the business world as we know it but this is just the beginning.

To us, Social Media is the way forward and a very important tool on the day-to-day life, an essential as we would call it. Look at Facebook and Twitter, they have adopted the Social Media strategy a long time ago and they are big brands with high rankings, unlucky for them that they adopted it in a time where rules and regulations were different and now it is a battle for them to adapt.

How is Social Media helping your business grow?

Social Media Challenges

In the Social Media world there is no space for error, what is said is what must be provided, nearly the same rules as in the business world.

With today’s technological advancements and breakthroughs it is hard not to be sucked in to the Social Media fold and the few that have embraced the new ways have found that Social Media is the way forward in the new age.

For the others who are still either trying to integrate Social Media into their way of thinking and acting and the others who are cautious about the whole Social Media subject, decision time is closing in but who will give in and who will resist?

Social Media, Keep up? Or stay behind?

With so many ways for a business to reach their customers and engage, which ones actually do work and provide results?

In the one hand there is Facebook who provides many tools to help a business increase traffic, audience and engagement. On the other hand there is Twitter who offers nearly the same tools but is much simpler due to the limitations which are actually seen as an advantage to some.

At this current time, these are the two biggest social networks but there are many more claiming their spots in the Social Media world by providing something that the other doesn’t.

Are you part of any of these other social networks?

Engaging Social Media

In the Social Media world, time is going by very fast bringing new strategies and new technologies with it. These are the keys to open the door that provides access to the future.

As businesses evolve they also adapt and the Social Media prospect has brought an adaptation revolution as even small businesses are integrating into the whole Social Media spectrum in order to grow and catch up with big brands.

With new times comes new questions and at this given time there are more questions than answers. Social Media seems to be growing and growing but there are still questions about what it can do.

Are you aware of everything it can do?

Revolutionizing the world

Not so long ago, Social Media was simply a whisper in the wind. Something that was used by all on a daily basis, however, that time was also the time when all social platforms were easier to handle and manage. All those privileges have been eradicated as the business world merged with the Social Media world.

A merger that will claim its position very swiftly and quickly. In today’s world, people are starting to struggle to keep up with the constant changes in social platforms as these same platforms also struggle to keep up with the high demands from businesses.

In an environment where only the ones who are able to keep up will reach the finish line, what can be done to ease access to all users to the Social Media world?

Social Media Business

Many businesses are finding new ways to take advantage of any aspect of the world of Social Media and in the process discovering new tactics and strategies that can optimize performance in the business side of things.

Although many businesses are still not aware of the power of Social Media, they are slowly but surely waking up to the reality of what the world of tomorrow will look like due to the impact of the new approach being taken via the Social Media medium.

The influence of Social Media

Social Media has become an essential part of all our day-to-day lives but do you know how Social Media is taking part in your everyday activities?

Many of us have been part of the whole Social Media spectrum for a very long time but have not been aware of it. What has for years been a luxury for some has now become a tool of communication between many different types of communities, consumers and business as well as groups of employees.

There is still a high percentage of the population that are still in the dark about the doors that Social Media will open in the future and the ones that are already open. Consumers are slowly catching on and realising the power of social media to have their issues resolved by their service providers faster and that their comments are in the public eye, available and shared by everyone.

From a consumer point of view – we wonder how many of you realise the power of opting for the social media channel as a channel to resolve your queries with brands on.