How social media can help you make the right business decision pre-product launch stage.

Yesterday Microsoft announced their new Tablet PC, called Surface. This was immediately interpreted as Microsoft’s new effort to challenge Apple’s Ipad which caused a massive spike in social media mentions around this topic across the globe.

The biggest question surrounding this subject is: Where is the need for advertising when all a business needs to do is announce a product and make sure the right audience are listening? Social Media is indeed the best place to track such mentions, analyse sentiment and to guide the business to make the right strategic decision prior to the actual launch of the product.

The DGC allows you to track all these conversations in real time and to discover the sentiment around these discussions.

With more and more organisations seeing the value in social media as opposed to traditional advertising many evolutionary changes to the way we do business is under way.


For more information on how the CCA DGC can support your business across different departments please contact Peru Fourie on – +44(0)207 192 1103 and he would be happy to help.


4 thoughts on “How social media can help you make the right business decision pre-product launch stage.

  1. I still believe in the power of traditional advertising when it is balanced with social media, though.
    It’s not one or the other for me.

  2. That is true, it is not one or the other. However, considering the economic crisis that all businesses are facing at the moment, they are finding it more accessible to advertise via Social Media rather than big posters as it used to be not so long ago. The balance between Social Media advertising and the old fashioned way of advertising would be the best way to do it as the chances of reaching more public increase immediately.

  3. There is still a place for the more traditional marketing tactics. The key is successful integration of those with newer tactics (e.g. social marketing) into cohesive campaigns which address the right audiences and meet the planned objectives. There’s no marketing “silver bullet”.

    • We agree with you, there is always space for the traditional way of marketing your business. However, given the way the market is moving and how more and more people turn to the social web to discuss important manners revolving brands, we believe the incorporation of Social Media into a business is a must in order to be both protected and up to date!

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