Social Media – Behind the scenes

One of the most coveted tools in Social Media is Facebook. With over 900 Million users worldwide, Facebook has given rise to an empire of its own and for years it has been the centre of attention when the “Social Networking” subject arises among the public.

But its popularity has had its ups and downs and now another down has been revealed to be added to the list. Likester launched an app to monitor how advertising companies target Facebook users even when their accounts are set to the utmost private setting available.

The famous “Like” button seems to be the culprit here and it seems advertising companies are hiding behind this tool to go undetected while they capture the user’s interests, habits and other relevant information. Is this the shortcut advertisers have found to capture details that users believe are protected by privacy settings to flood Facebook’s users’s walls with ads? Will the regulators be stepping in at some point is another question.

What is clear – companies are doing everything they can to take full advantage of the digital age and to collect as much information available to further its marketing and brand development efforts.

2 thoughts on “Social Media – Behind the scenes

  1. You make an interesting point. The advertiser in me wants to point out that the information on what companies can track is readily available on Facebook for whoever wants to look it up. Also, that Facebook is a free service and they can afford to be so because they make revenue through their advertising. Can you imagine the outrage if Facebook started to charge for their site?Once I take me advertiser hat off though, the consumer in me definitely understands how creepy it can be when Facebook serves an ad perfectly targeted for my interests.

  2. Thank you for your comment. You make a valid point there, however, some of the information these advertising companies require is not available on users’s profiles and in order for that information to become available the like button strategy came in. It is all quite a shock as we don’t believe many people knew what stands behind the “like” button. Due to the competitive market and higher expectations that was probably the only way found by Facebook to bring in revenue.

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