The Challenges of Social Media

The Olympics have officially started and now more than ever the help of Social Media will become essential during this crucial time.

As this weekend unfolded, many turned to SM to ask one question that was puzzling both the public and the Olympics organizers.

Why were so many seats in so many events empty?

As this question traveled through the social web, it remained unanswered for hours. Now with the right tools in place, the organizers would have been able to pick this up, investigate and respond in a reasonable amount of time.

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Brands vs Social Media Influence

Good morning everyone.

Today a new week begins with many more opportunities to grow your Social Media knowledge and put it to good use.

Last week we demonstrated how two major brands were failing to incorporate SM into their routines which caused them to have serious problems due to technical issues which then escalated into a much more dangerous problem, customer complaints!

Today we analyzed another well known brand to see what the social web activity looks like and suspected, there were many spikes in many different occasions.

A percentage of these were from customer’s either complaining about a product that did not live up to their expectations or because a product they wanted was not available at the store. The brand we analyzed was John Lewis and they were not able to pick up these mentions due to a several factors.

Take a look at the image below to get an idea of the number of mentions we picked up.


Feel free to let us know who you want us to analyze next.

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Social Media in Perspective

Good afternoon all!

These last couple of weeks have been very decisive for some businesses who haven’t fully incorporated Social Media into their strategies and everyday routines. Take NatWest and O2 as examples, they have unfortunately both been victims of technical issues which affected a substantial number of customers in turn, taking a huge impact on their brand’s reputation.

Now, being up to date with the tools that Social Media can offer, they would have been able to handle these issues in a much effective manner.

Here at the DGC we have been able to pin point the areas in which they required help through extensive analyses. These analyses could then be used to terminate these types of issues and avoid any further damage.

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London 2012 Marketing: Omega


Omega, el timekeeper oficial de Londres 2012.

La diferencia entre la medalla de oro o la de plata, un nuevo record olímpico o la alegría de una nación entera, dependen de la precisión de una de las marcas de relojes más famosa del mundo: Omega.

Omega es otro de las patrocinadores globales de las Olimpiadas de Londres 2012 y la cuarta entrada de la Serie London 2012 Marketing. Omega ha sido patrocinador y el timekeeper oficial de los Juegos Olímpicos desde hace 80 años (Los Angeles 1932), y ésta competencia se convierte en la participación número 25 para Omega.

Como parte de su campaña de Marketing, llamada “Start Me Up” Omega hace remembranza de las últimas Olimpiadas que se realizaron en Londres en 1948 y ha lanzado una colección de edición limitada de relojes: “Remarkable watches for a spectacular event”. Durante los Juegos de Londres 1948, Omega lanzó al…

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5 Sure Signs A Startup Firm Will Succeed

North Jersey Small Business Forum

Interesting article from Forbes– excerpts below.

“Many articles talk about the signs a startup firm will go under. So with props to Martin Zwilling for his recent piece 5 Sure Signs That a Good Startup is Going Bad, I’d like to dedicate my first Forbes column to the signs a budding startup firm will succeed.”

Here are the five signs the article lists. For more information, please read the article.

1. Has Validated Customers.

2. Shows a Strategic Perspective.

3. Is Cash Conservative.

4. Operates with Transparency.

5. Communication.

“But in summary – has any startup that met these five criteria ever failed? Surely, there are some examples—organizations who met with tragic occurrences such as 9/11, Katrina, or unforeseeable and sudden shifts in market conditions. But short of cataclysmic occurrence, I would maintain that any company that meets these conditions is highly unlikely to…

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HSBC used by ‘drug kingpins’, says US Senate

Newsdesk International

A US Senate committee says that the HSCB provided a conduit for “drug kingpins and rogue nations”, for money laundering.  The report says suspicious funds from countries including Mexico, Iran and Syria had passed  through the bank.  The committee is hearing from HSBC officials, one of whom said he found it  “painful and embarrassing” to talk about the bank’s shortcomings.

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