Six Reasons Why Small Agencies Need an Active Twitter Account

Laura D Writes

Ad Hub has 41 local ad/marketing agencies listed on their website.  Being fairly new to the Rochester area I decided to check them all out, to gain a better understanding of the agency landscape.  In doing so, I was surprised by the number of agencies that didn’t have Twitter accounts.

Having an active Twitter account is imperative in this industry.  Here are six reasons why:

  • To let people know that yes, you’re still around.  Many of the sites I visited didn’t have a news feed or a Twitter feed, which made it hard to tell when the site was last updated.  Were they still in business?  Had they merged with another agency?  An active Twitter account with a feed on their website would have assured site visitors that yes, they were still alive and kicking.
  • To connect with current/future clients, current/future employees, and other agencies.  Gone are the days when people…

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