Social media: the all-or-nothing approach

Buzz Envy

When social media first hit the national consciousness, many business owners were curious to see what this new communications medium was all about. And so they started Facebook and Twitter pages. Maybe they posted event photos, offered words of wisdom from the CEO, or tweeted about their industry…

…And not much happened. Some existing customers joined these pages, and a few developed closer relationships to the business as a result. But the overall results didn’t justify the expenditure of staff time; to these business owners, social media seemed like a lot of hype.

Zappos and Boloco

But there was a pioneering sub-set of business owners who delved more deeply into the possibilities inherent in social media. From online retail giant Zappos to local Boston burrito masters Boloco, these businesses integrated social media into their core marketing strategy, with impressive results. Zappos became the online shoe and clothing retailer of choice…

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