Brands vs Social Media Influence

Good morning everyone.

Today a new week begins with many more opportunities to grow your Social Media knowledge and put it to good use.

Last week we demonstrated how two major brands were failing to incorporate SM into their routines which caused them to have serious problems due to technical issues which then escalated into a much more dangerous problem, customer complaints!

Today we analyzed another well known brand to see what the social web activity looks like and suspected, there were many spikes in many different occasions.

A percentage of these were from customer’s either complaining about a product that did not live up to their expectations or because a product they wanted was not available at the store. The brand we analyzed was John Lewis and they were not able to pick up these mentions due to a several factors.

Take a look at the image below to get an idea of the number of mentions we picked up.


Feel free to let us know who you want us to analyze next.

And for any questions on our services feel free to contact Peru Fourie on 02078145282, alternatively, visit our services page.

What are your thoughts?

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