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Social Data. The New Driver for Marketing Strategy. | Lanoba Blog on Social Login, Sharing and Analytics.

There is a new generation of consumer data: social data. Social data is anything and everything collected from social network profiles and behaviors i.e. sharing activity, gender, interests, birthday, etc… And since social media is here to stay, accessing this information has never been more important.

In fact, 97% of marketers surveyed by Wildfire believe that social media is an integral part of their business model and marketing strategy. However, what most companies don’t realize is that they can tap into the vast amount of data contained in the online social footprints that consumers leave behind. Utilizing this data to maximize marketing output and increase ROI is called Social Data Strategy.

The following diagram illustrates the role that social data plays in the marketing strategy process.

Lanoba Social Login Data Infographics

Social login data strategy: using social…

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