Social Networks Popularity

Social Media is an important tool for everyone, even the people who dont really know what Social Media is. It has revolutionized the world and not only from a business perspective.

Today, social networks are more popular than they have ever been and are being used for all purposes by all members of population.

Which social network do you use the most for your day to day routine?


Let us know below!

5 thoughts on “Social Networks Popularity

    • Well, we named the most popular ones amongst the public, that is the beauty of all of them, the fact that each of us uses them for different purposes or some dont even find purpose in some of them.

      Thank you for your comment, what do you use those social networks for? 🙂

  1. My top social media tools:

    1. LinkedIn
    2. WordPress
    3. Facebook.

    I may be in the minority, but I’m trying to limit my time online these days. I find that face-to-face meetings are much more productive.


  2. After only recently being introduced to WordPress, it has suddenly knocked Facebook out of the park.

    1. WordPress
    2. Facebook
    3. Pintrest

    I find with WordPress I can maintain the same amount of exposure to my FB contacts (through sharing my articles) but I kind of enjoy the sense of being somewhere different on the net…&, doing something different with the net, and all without annoying chat alerts or requests from Facebook’s endles list of pointless games that I have no intention of ever playing.

    ……&, Pintrest is a graphic artists best friend!

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