8 Tips to Better Organize Your Social Media Efforts

Ask Alain Classe

20120708-234416.jpgSocial Media Management can be a difficult task, no matter how long you’ve been, no matter what is your experience on Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Youtube, Pinterest or any of the other platforms.
If you compare Social Media with Athletism It’s better to be a marathonian than a sprinter, Social Media is a long journey…, not a sprint.

What you should monitor is your organization, it is the key to limit your frustration, your effort and your time and for the latest point, in the Hospitality Industry, days seems always too short.

Below are few ways that you can use to better organize your social media efforts.

  • Developp a Social Media Calendar
  • You must remember your Monthy, Weekly or Daily Social Media Agenda must be livable, you should post on a regurarly basis, to post once a day or a week on Facebook or Twitter there is no interest. If you…

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