Social Media Universe

Hello everyone!

We hope you all had a great weekend, it has been a long one over here!

How is SM treating you all? The more times goes by the more we realize that SM already plays a massive role in almost everything we do everyday and it will become even more essential in the coming years as the wheels of business turn faster and faster.

Social Networks are expanding more and more to fit their users’ needs and requirements but which will take the cake at the end of this long social battle? Which SM network do you think is the most valuable and why?

Let us know and also remember, we still want to hear from you regarding brands to go under the analysis tool so let us know who you want us to take a look at.


1 thought on “Social Media Universe

  1. I don’t think any one social network is most valuable. Infact it is the existence of a multitude of networks; each offering a unique service and catering a different desire – that makes the SM universe complete.
    Facebook is purely used as a more personal platform where we like to share our photos, thoughts, connect with friends.. where as Twitter is more momentary, quick tips, updates and thoughts with lesser user interface opporunities! Pinterest is driven by boards and photos purely.

    I do believe Google + has the potential to be it all.. but it has a long way to go in terms of market share

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