Google Plus. A + or a – ?

Google Plus


The release of Google Plus has had Internet nerds going wild, but let’s be honest, these people are excitable. But is this really big news?  In a way yes it is. Google Plus is Google’s attempt to build a social networking platform to complete with other social networking sites.  Could Google be attempting to outdo Facebook?

To understand the growth of Google’s new project all you need to do is take a look at some recent Internet history. Since 2009 Facebook users have been able to “like” material posted by their friends which means they can show their appreciation without writing a comment.  Since April 2010 Facebook announced that a third party could then like the content of someone’s Facebook. So you use to have to be friends with someone to like their photos but now you don’t need to be on someone’s friends list to like their Facebook content.  Obviously doing this it has its consequences. Whereas previously the “like” use to just be between friends that are on such Facebook accounts. The “like” was made to highlight interesting content, you also can like brands such as Nike or Coke to show your support to the brand.

The brand then will recognize the value of “Likes” as it is a type of free marketing that will increase the company’s popularity.  Most brands do agree that likes are a very important thing to have.

Facebook and Microsoft revealed that searches would include the “likes” of your Facebook friends underneath their results.  Not only does this make searches more relevant to the user, but then it also increases businesses popularity.  People will always trust what their friends say and not always adverts, even those put out to help the consumer.   The “like” button now acts more as a seal of approval from a film you have seen or what meal you had last weekend.

Google has always been resentful of Facebook’s 500 million users, and was correct to see Facebook’s addition with Bing as a threat. They failed to create a social network alongside Google Buzz, and were forced to go back to the drawing board to create something new and improved.  Early reports suggest that Google Plus is the real deal. Preliminary users are especially happy with the “circles” and “hangout” features, and many people seem ready to leave Facebook.


2 thoughts on “Google Plus. A + or a – ?

  1. my impression and experience with google+ is that it’s still for the “mavens” (the innovators who always want to have the latest gadget), has not yet reached the “brokers” (the early adopters and influential in their social networks) and so it still has a long way to go before it can amass 955 million users that FB now has.

  2. I’ve tried Google Plus, but I’m still not convinced that it is for me. Between blogging, LinkedIn and Facebook, I feel that I spend more than enough time online. I will keep an open mind though.


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