The “Vicious” Social Media Cycle

Social Media is for most of us a blessing, we can share and be in the know about everything that is happening across the globe.

But really, how damaging is Social Media really? To some, it has no effect but to others it can be branded as a weapon of mass destruction.

Which are you?

Here in our DGC (Digital Generation Centre) we regularly come across many examples of how Social Media has gone from a day to day commodity to a mechanism used to directly affect another individual, in this case, a brand.

What are your thoughts on how Social Media is used nowadays?


2 thoughts on “The “Vicious” Social Media Cycle

  1. I think social media is still a very mixed blend of positive and negative affects. The more negative interactions I’ve seen are people-to-people in “cyber cat fights.” As far as negative affects to brand, I think it provides an honest platform for customer feedback–which even if initially negative–is a great opportunity to turn this into a positive.

What are your thoughts?

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