Social Media Buzz in the US Industry

Social Media has officially taken the world by storm, some businesses still struggle to keep up with the ever-changing rules and ways to engage with their desired audiences.

Some other businesses however, are finding it rather easy to go along in the Social Media ride and are turning what others see as complicated into huge success as seen in the image here.

It is not surprising that Football comes right on top when it comes to who has been spoken about the most this week, with so many different things happening all the time, the Football industry will always be successful within Social Media.

The big challenge is: How will this industry be in the know regarding what people are saying and to who they are saying it? Without the appropriate tools, the chances of this “success” being all negative is very high so how do they turn it into Positive success?

Do you have any ideas? Let us know or head over to @ccadgc on Twitter to discuss.Image

What are your thoughts?

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