Brand Vs Users

Like we said yesterday, numbers dont always equal success and this article will demonstrate one of the many examples where a brand can be dangerously affected by their fans.

The topic of this article is Instagram’s TOS (Terms Of Service) change that was announced in mid December last year. The discussion surrounding this subjects still carries on within various Social Media channels today.

With Instagram being a highly popular app it is used by celebrities and public figures alike and with each of these individuals having their own set of devoted followers they hold a damaging amount of power, a good example of this is the statement National Geographic made as soon as they found out about the changes. The statement read “suspending new posts to Instagram. We are very concerned with the direction of the proposed new terms of service”. This statement was read by millions of people including NatGeo’s fans.

It was then announced that Instagram was losing a significant amount of users, with many closing their account and simply stating “Im out”.

How do brand’s control what happens in their Social Media circle? Instagram was another unfortunate victim of the power of this new medium of communication and now the question is: How will it recover its losses and retain its current users?

Below are some of the stats we uncovered using our tools, it is clear that one single statement made by Instagram had a huge impact on their future.

What do you think?


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