How to Social Media

Every new day brings a new development within Social Media, businesses here and there discover its true potential and begins the long journey of learning and using it.

2012 was all about how Social Media will change your business and support every department; and with so much support given out by Social Media experts and businesses, there were still some who fell behind and paid the cost. A great example of this is Comet, the electrical chain that was a direct competitor to Currys/PCWorld!

Throughout the whole of last year Comet experienced a wave of negative sentiment all over the Social World, this equalled to high loss of customers both current and potential. All this happened behind Comet’s back as they did not possess the right “Equipment” to resolve these issues.

Customers have now moved away from emails, phone calls and letters to communicate with brands so now a business’s ability to listen to their customers will be put to the test.

In order for a business to avoid Social Media failure, it has to adopt every single platform, strategy and experts it can afford to. These are the most important aspects of being able to find, engage and resolve customer complaints but also of motivating brand advocates as not everything in Social Media is a challenge.

After carrying out a small analysis on the mentions around the brands Comet and Currys/PCWorld using our tools we can devise that, as shown below, activity was fairly small from both brands and even though the presence was there, for Comet it was just not enough. Where did Comet go wrong? Comet failed to fully adopt a Social Media strategy, this new way of communication with their customers remained for too long in limbo which caused it to not be able to keep up with the demand.

Currys/PCWorld also has not fully adopted Social Media yet, however, their negative sentiment is relatively smaller than Comet’s which grants this brand a little more time to find out the true capabilities of this new medium.

Do you think Currys/PCWorld will face the same fate Comet did? If not, why do you think that?Image

What are your thoughts?

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