Social Media Readiness

The world of business is a rather rocky one, yesterday we were all shocked with the news HMV had gone into administration, weeks after Jessops had gone bankrupt as well.

It seems that for businesses that have been around longer it is more difficult to adapt to change, HMV, Jessops and Comet all have been around for more than 50 years.

In these 50 years, much has changed surrounding how people do business and where they do business. The digital age has begun a while ago, some have adapted to it but others are still playing catch up.

Most businesses are already using Social Media for their advantage, however, only some of them actually have given their customers another medium of communication. The error in the other percentage of businesses is to use Social Media purely to advertise their products and services and ignore customer services and complaint handling.

Today we will be comparing the Social Footprint of all these 3 companies that have fallen recently and try and identify any trends that may explain why they have not been able to keep up with their competitors.

As shown, in the same period of time, Jessops had a higher presence within Social Media. The next stage would be to determine whether this is a positive or negative presence which requires analysing all the mentions in much deeper detail.

What can be deducted from these results however is that the presence is there, it isn’t huge when compared to others but it is there. When looking at the popularity graph at the bottom, there is only one spike which relates to Jessops. Unfortunately, this is solely around the news of it going into administration.

This graph answers all the questions we asked in this article. The fact that there aren’t many spikes in the graph means that people weren’t engaging much with the brand and the brand itself wasn’t making that much of an effort to create a community.

What do you think? Do you agree?


What are your thoughts?

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