Social Media Analytics

Social Media can be a tricky affair when not used properly, not knowing how stay up to date with the trends and what people are saying about brands, especially when one of those brands are your own.

Here in the DGC we are able to do just that, our expertise and experience allow us to be always in the know. Our highly intelligent tool provides great insights into how businesses are doing and whether they are doing it right.

From simply finding out what people are saying we have moved on to other areas such as Customer Services or Customer Engagement which we believe most businesses still lack in experience and tactics.

So how would a business benefit from our services?

The answer is easy, with our ability to generate detailed reports demonstrating how the brand is referred to in the social web and to find any desired information by building highly accurate queries we are able to provide valuable information on how a brand can change their ways as well as how they can make the most of Social Media to increase their ROI.

Just like we have been providing information on what Comet, Jessops and HMV did wrong, we would do something very similar for other brands. And that is why we can say that Social Media is one of the most valuable assets a business can have and without it, it is like being in the dark not knowing what is going to happen next.

Today we have chosen another brand to analyse, today we picked Tesco, after their unfortunate issue of Horsemeat in their burgers. It is time once again to check whether they are being able to handle the fallout of the eruption created by customers in the social web.

As shown, the amount of conversation taking place on the social web is huge. We specifically searched for any mentions from the general public and excluded any from Tesco themselves and the result was rather shocking.

The number of mentions is going up by the minute and none of these mention are by Tesco which leaves us to believe they have not made any sort of effort to try and contain this issue while there is still time.

Below are some of the results we have generated with their correspondent dates, as shown, when searching for mentions within 14th January and 17th January, there are more results generated than when searching within 1st January and 17th January! A rather worrying fact considering Tesco does not have the best history with resolving complaints on the Social Web.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think Tesco will get out of this without facing any challenges?


What are your thoughts?

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