Are #FollowFridays Any Use?

If you have a look at the Twitter Trends on a Friday, the odds are very high that you’ll find a couple of #FF hanging in there.

Indeed, Friday is the day when you can tell the world about your lovely neighbour who plays guitar at the local pub’s open mic, your auntie who knits Barbie doll’s dresses or your little brother’s mate’s cat. Yes, Cats tweet too.

But what impact does a #FF really have on your following. How many new followers will I gain if Rihanna, the Pope or Barack Obama #FF me???

We’ve had a look at last Friday’s stats, and this is what we found:


In the giant Twitter bazaar, it becomes more and more complicated to find and engage with the voices that matter?

So, are #FF really important, for you, for your Brand? Who do you want to be followed by, and promoted by?

Share our stories with us, and above all, don’t forget to follow and #FF us! @CCADGC

2 thoughts on “Are #FollowFridays Any Use?

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