Social Media Hastiness

Last week we discussed how Social Media has had an impact on many businesses, to the point of making them shut down due to the loss of customers.

It is great to be able to find what people say about you and then decide what to do about it, and possibly use it to increase productivity but how do you know when you are moving too fast?

Take Facebook for an instance, a complete Social Media platform that offers many tools to aid the user in reaching the right audiences but now a new tool is being introduced which is causing a lot of discussion among users (businesses as well as people).

The Facebook Graph Search, what will this mean for anyone using Facebook? Making many new types of information available to anyone who wants to find it can be an advantage but it can also bring many issues with it.

Take the introduction of Timeline for an example, it all looked so good but the people who use Facebook were not so keen on the new implementation.

Facebook has introduced many new functionalities into their platform, some made the user happy but others didn’t go down so well but they were implemented anyway and as the stats showed last week, it had an impact on their community in the UK, losing 600K users is not a very positive outlook for such a massive business.

We have tracked the mentions surrounding this topic and have seen a massive spike in conversations, we have also determined what the sentiment around it is and by doing that we will be able to state whether it will be a smooth implementation or whether there will be complications along the way. Take a look below.


With 15% overall negative sentiment across all Social Channels, it is enough to be wary about. Especially when there are people writing things such as Facebook = Divorce and making jokes about the whole tool itself.

As shown in the popularity graph, it is clear how the discussion initiated so quickly once the Facebook made the announcement, now we shall see where this discussion leads to when the time to implement this tool comes.

What are your thoughts on Facebook’s new approach to search engines?

What are your thoughts?

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