The Importance of Moderators

Last week we took a look at many aspects of Social Media that affect businesses and that also benefit them! But today we will take a deeper look at one of the most important aspects of having a Social Media strategy in place.

Today we will talk about Moderators, you may be familiar with them as without them a brand would be right in the firing line and not be able to get out of it.

So why is a Moderator so important for a brand? All of us may have different views on why they are important so feel free to share yours with us.

But to begin, the online world has offered many new opportunities but also has offered everyone the platform to share their experiences, this may be both bad and good for a brand. Let’s just say, the bigger the brand the more damage it can cause.

Take GiffGaff for example, their moderators are actually their customers, this is an achievement for a company as anyone is more likely to trust a statement from another customer rather than an employee.

Brand moderators are always important when it comes to resolving issues relating to a brand on the social web because as seen in the last year, if these issues are not resolved straight away they remain in the social space giving space for a much bigger crisis.

Below are simply some comments made online that could potentially turn into a crisis as well as some other comments which were resolved straight away leaving behind only peace of mind for the customer.


What are your thoughts?

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