Ignorance in the social web

We hope you are all well and that your weeks are going well too!

Yesterday we saw what people are saying about the new Iphone5, the negatives as well as the positives. The mentions found were rather surprising considering Apple does not currently have a Twitter account to deal with any of them.

Enough about Apple now, let’s talk about communication, not only when responding to complaints but in general. How vital do you think it is for a brand to communicate with their customers on the social world?

We personally think that building relationships with your customers will save a lot of time and hassle in the future when a crisis hits. It is sometimes peculiar how a brand has such a good name in the outside world but when you take a look at them online you find out a completely different side to them.

Today we will be looking at how brands engage with their customers on the social web, there will be good and bad ways of how this is done currently.

As it is shown in the image,  there are different types of bad mentions in the social web, the ones which the brand in question replies to and attempts to resolve and the ones that the brand doesn’t reply to because they can’t find it.

There is also a positive outcome in the mention below as the brand responded in a quick and concise manner resulting in the issue no longer being in the public space, a very good example of how brands should carry out their social media.

 What do you think? Do you agree?


What are your thoughts?

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