Why businesses need Social Media

Yesterday we saw how businesses are advertising using Social Media in conjunction with their old ways of advertising that have been done for years.

Today we will look at why a business needs to engage in Social Media and what the benefits are at the end of the day.

First of all, do you think any business (no matter how big) can survive for a very long time without being able to respond to their customers via Twitter / Facebook rather than email or phone call?

Sure, there should be all mediums of communication available but phone calls and emails are a lot more time consuming and sometimes give way to even worse situations with customers already unhappy about the service and then having to either be on hold for an eternity or receiving bad customer service.

Do you agree that companies need to incorporate Social Media into their communication strategies and keep a consistent line of communication with their customers and potential new customers?

Here is a little example of how much the general public hates to be on the phone to brands they get products from, let us know what you think of the statements above.

From the green to the red:

Virgin is where it is simply because it has a twitter account that can be used to resolve this, however, the mention about the insurance company is not so positive, considering the person did not mention which company straight away is a risk itself. They will surely mention it to their community both online and offline which makes it hard to resolve for the company in question.

Apple is in the red, this is because they do not carry out any sort of customer service on Twitter and this may be working for them now but it will soon prove to be a challenge as the loss of customers could be contained if all the complaints were resolved like this one.


What are your thoughts?

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