How to be social by @CCADGC

Social Media has become a whole world in its own right, with all social networks in continuous expansion it is sometimes complicated to keep up with everything that is happening with your community.

The most important ingredient to a successful social presence is consistency. Being a brand attempting to engage with its customers and to satisfy them it is very easy to suddenly be placed in the spotlight, in both positive and negative manner.

Since Social Media has only become a part of a business recently, it is easy to approach situations in the wrong fashion, for example, when trying to resolve a customer complaint that has taken place on Twitter you would need to adopt a different strategy, you would not be able to resolve that issue using the same strategies used over the phone. Social channels are a lot more open and less restrained which means the customer will most likely not hold back on displaying their discontent.

So when engaging your community, always remember that extra care is necessary, accidentally upsetting a member can cost you dearly and it can spread like a disease across the community making it even more difficult to resolve.

What are your thoughts on this? Have you experienced this before?


What are your thoughts?

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