Efforts in Social Media

 Last week we spoke about many different aspects of Social Media and how it used by many different businesses.

Today we want to start by looking at all the efforts that are required in order to carry out a successful Social Media strategy.

Firstly, what is your definition of a successful strategy? Do you have specific steps you need to carry out within that strategy?

Being a business, it is normal to have many social network accounts. Normally businesses also tend to have several accounts but neglect them for long periods of time thinking that they will grow on their own. The most important action that must be taken when doing social media is to be active, no engagement means no success.

 Engaging with the community will not only increase awareness but will also increase following, businesses need to reach out to their current customers whether it is to retain them or to simply resolve an issue. This also then opens up opportunity to attract attention from potential new customers.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think a business can treat social networks the same way they treat a website?


What are your thoughts?

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