Why run when you can walk?

Hello everyone, we hope you are all well. Did you like our post yesterday about tracking Social Media conversations?

Today we want to speak about how brands tend to be hasty by attempting to speed up Social Media progress, this is a dangerous feat that can work but can also have a huge impact if it doesn’t.

Normally, Social Media when done from the beginning will involve firstly building a community and then keeping the community happy or engaged, depending on what the purpose of the community is.

Unfortunately, for many businesses and brands this was not possible from the beginning, some have been around longer than Social Media meaning that once it became such a revolutionary tool they did not have the time to play catch up.

While taking the right steps may take longer, it is most likely to provide the desired results. Taking a fast lane which would entail for example, going onto twitter with 10 followers and throwing out massive advertising campaigns, not knowing who the audience is or who to target. This could have catastrophic consequences in the long run.

Remember, all social networks are connected in one way or another so a mistake you do in one can very well spread into another.

What do you think? Do you know anyone who has taken the fast lane?


What are your thoughts?

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