Why brand advocates are important

Good morning everyone, we hope you are all well and ready for another week. As this week begins it is time to look at some aspects of Social Media and highlight its benefits, today’s topic will be brand advocates.

Do you have any yet or are you still trying to find who they are? On our last post we spoke about why Fridays are good in Social Media, this is connected with finding your advocates.

It is amazing how everything is linked in social media, one thing can open the door to another and so forth. So, what is a brand advocate in the first place?

Many have their own explanation to what a brand advocate is but it doesn’t matter how many different explanations are used, it all comes down to the people who engage with you the most, be it simply replying to your posts or sharing them.

However, only doing this does not make one a brand advocate, there has to be some sort of positive interaction towards the brand or towards other users mentioning the brand in question. This is why a brand advocate is important to have, while all social media efforts may generate activity across channels, a brand advocate has the potential to attract the right type of attention to your brand.

Most times they are all around you, silently waiting for you to take the conversation to the next step. One simple rule to finding your brand advocates is to simply engage with your audience, the people who engage back and have positive statements to share about you are the ones to keep happy as when the crisis hits they will be there to give a helping hand.

What do you think about brand advocates? Have you found any in your community so far?

Let us know or take part in the discussion on twitter by using #DGCBA


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