Think before you tweet

Hello everyone, we hope you are all well.

Yesterday we spoke about why brand advocates are important for a brand or business, did you find the information valuable? Let us know.

Today we will speak about what happens when thinking gets overshadowed by tweeting. There have been many mishaps in the past with brands tweeting the wrong content and obtaining a hostile reaction from the public.

Today we will use The Onion and their tweet relating to the Oscars 2013. The Oscars have generated an immense amount of activity in Social Media and of course, Social Media wouldn’t be what it is today without a few mistakes.

The Onion tweeted what many found offensive, unfortunately we cannot quote this tweet due to its nature or show a sample of it as it is now deleted. Many thought that the four letter word used to describe the young 9 year old actress Quvenzhane Wallis was not appropriate, even more so since it is coming from such an entity.

Unfortunately, this will be a wound that The Onion is going to have to wait to heal, events like this can have uncontrollable consequences as once the public is aware of what has happened it is very complicated to return to how things were before, even after issuing an apology like their director has done.

So remember, think before you tweet or the consequences of it may be more than you can handle.

What do you think of the above? Have you followed this story? Your thoughts are valuable to us so share them here 🙂


2 thoughts on “Think before you tweet

  1. A very important issue you’re addressing – great! Lots of companies, and people too, make the mistake of tweeting things that hit a nerve with the audience.

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