Non-existent Social Media

Good morning everyone, we hope you are all well and ready for another week to begin, the sun is shining outside which is a good sign.

Last week we focused on various aspects of social media surrounding businesses, from crises to engaging in social media for the first time.

This week we will focus only on how to handle social media when one has already been part of it for a long time as let’s face it, social media has been around for many years already but only recently it became what it is today.

With so many social networks becoming available from the year 2000 forward (LinkedIn, Hi5, Friendster, etc.) why didn’t social media become the big thing it is today back then? The tools were there but businesses weren’t really interested in using them to listen to their customers.

Many have had their Facebook pages and other accounts for a long time but they have been mostly used for engagement with their community, very few businesses actually used them for customer services and complaint management.

Today, the race to be on top of what customers say about brands and services is still running fast and vicious with lots of success but also many failures, taking the HMV incident not so long ago.

Social Media has been around for many years and with it now being used for different purposes than it was used when it first came around it is essential that it is done right. Do you think businesses today are communicating with their customers the right way? If not then where do you think improvements are needed?

Let us know and join the discussion on Twitter using the hashtag #SMMonday.


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