Giving back to the community

Hello everyone, we hope you are all doing well and ready for today’s post. You may read the title and think we will be discussing how to participate in community activities in the neighbourhood but that is not what we will be talking about today.

What we mean by giving back to the community is what you do to thank you community for their insight and help as this is a must when trying to build a strong community with a strong relationship.

Being a brand, it is not always easy to reach out to your community and know that you will be heard, relationships must be built first but once these are in place, how do you keep it going to avoid going back to step one?

Sure one can simply retweet something here and there, the user in question will surely appreciate it but this doesn’t equal communication. Engaging with users when relevant demonstrates that they have been acknowledged and the brand knows they are there.

By either starting a conversation or joining one, a brand is showing proactivity which increases the chances of the community growing, this applies to every social network you can think of.

It so seems that regardless of whether you are on the social space or not, communication is a prime rule to success and one rule that will overcome any potential crises that could come to be.

Are you communicating enough with your community? Waiting to do this may have a high price so if you’re not doing it yet then it is highly recommendable that the conversation begins now.


What are your thoughts?

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