Reoccurring Crises

Good morning everyone, how are you all doing today? The end of the week is nearly here, ready for the weekend?

Yesterday we spoke about how much social media should be done. Today we’re talking about a different subject.

 This morning we all woke up to find out that RBS is facing yet another crisis due to another fault in their systems, causing the same issues that happened back in June. The difference this time is that the Social Media activity has tripled which means the damage will be a lot higher.

RBS was in the firing line several times last year and this year already and with customers using social media as a resource to complain more and more it immediately makes a small issue a rather substantial one.

So how does RBS handle the gigantic amount of activity directed at them via twitter? Considering they have had several crises over the last couple of months it is essential to contain them before they spin out of control.

Today, their crisis is still on-going, millions have been affected which means millions could potentially be complaining on social media making it even more difficult for RBS to keep up.

What are your thoughts on this crisis? How do you think they should handle it or even avoid it in the future?


What are your thoughts?

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