Social Network King or Queen

Good morning everyone, we hope you’re all well and ready for the weekend, this week went by rather fast don’t you think?

Today we will be discussing social networks and which ones are the best, of course everyone has a different opinion to this as everyone uses these networks for different purposes.

Firstly we will mention Pinterest, not many people seem to talk about it even though it is one of the fastest growing networks out there. But how good is it really? When compared to the likes of Flikr and Instagram, can it perform better? Each of these platforms offer different functionalities but at the end of the day they all do the same thing, share images and this is the key focus, which one allows this to be done more efficiently?

Secondly there is Twitter, of course almost everyone knows what Twitter is and what it is used for. However, believe it or not there is a very high number of people who have a Twitter account but never use it, then there are other users who have an account but are not active very regularly. These points can be used to show how much social media still has to grow to encompass everyone.

Finally, there is LinkedIn, I would say Facebook but it is talked about enough already. LinkedIn is a very different platform, whereas on Facebook you would speak about almost everything, on LinkedIn the context behind what is being discussed is business almost every time. One would not find anyone speaking about the weather on LinkedIn, this is a great platform for professionals but to also share knowledge.

All in all, all these platforms offer great capabilities but in today’s world it is so difficult to decide which one is best for you considering there are so many that have twins.

Which of these platforms do you find most useful and why? Are there other platforms you would like to share with us?

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6 thoughts on “Social Network King or Queen

  1. Thanks for the infographics. I find it interesting that Twitter is rated the top. The days of vlogs, blogs are gone and even with the rise of super smartphones where you may access these vlogs (youtube) – it’s much easier to read the 140 characters over Twitter. No doubt it is a more simpler platform to utilise.

    However, I do think that when Twitter is compared to Facebook, the bulk of marketing option lies more in Facebook than those of the ‘Promoted Ads’ in Twitter. As a marketer myself, Facebook has a greater penetration and reach.

    I still find that not many marketers uses Pinterest. It’s severely underused and maybe because it’s a relatively new platform and measurements of that sort can be hard to determined.

    Just my two cents! Cheers for this share!

  2. Facebook is king.
    Linked in is boring and basically a database of CVs
    Twitter is powerful but not as in depth or detailed as FB, I spend considerably less time there.
    Google + good, but not FB and has no community vibe.
    Pinterest is clunky and weird.
    Tumblr also weird and hard to find stuff to follow.
    Instagram is cool and has a great community, not sure how useful it is for brands as the folks I know prefer to see individual art and photos.
    Viddy is perfect for me to post little videos in, which I like, but I find the 30 second limit a challenge and it’s harder to get people to watch videos.
    YouTube is king for ALL video content and has the biggest depth and userbase.
    Vimeo is YouTube for hipsters and does it with style, I want to use it more.
    Path – weird
    EyeEm – good but not instagram
    Vine – useless, you can’t upload pre-made videos.
    PicYou – good but not instagram, it just doesn’t have the community vibe.

    That’s my thoughts on all the social media out there.

    • Wow, you seem to really be up to date with all the social media networks available.

      I do agree with you, many of those platforms will prove to be useless for many brands. I personally think that Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and YouTube should be the main focus for brands unless they find the others usefull.

      Thank you for the comment, great thoughts there! 🙂

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