Social Influencers

Good morning everyone, we hope you are all doing well and ready for another week!

Today we will be speaking about influencers and how they can help you raise awareness for your brand.

First of all we want to ask you what your definition of an influencer is, we understand that people have different views on what an influencer should be and it will be interesting to see the responses.

We will begin by looking at what type of influencers there are. There is the low authority influencer which would be the average user of social media, the medium influencer which knows about social media but is not extremely active on it and then there are the high authority influencers which know or may not know much about social media but are either public personalities like celebrities or gurus in a specific field of knowledge.

All social media efforts depend on which group of influencers you decide to target, if you are a brand trying to raise awareness about your products and services then targeting a user that has a high authority may not be the right thing to do simply because you think you will be reaching millions of people. In these situations it would be best to target the low influencers as they will be the ones whose opinions count, people don’t take recommendations from public figures as well as they take them from their friends.

Finally, when trying to get your brand’s name in everyone’s mind and mouth it is essential to not flood the social web with material targeting the wrong audience. If you’re selling potatoes then target your material at people who speak of potatoes.

What are your thoughts on the above? Let us know by commenting below or by taking part of the discussion on Twitter with the Hashtag #DGCInfluencer

What are your thoughts?

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