Social Media from a customer’s perspective

Good morning everyone, we hope you are all doing well and ready for another week ahead, it is going to be a very busy one.

Today we will move away from the business side of Social Media and speak about it from a customer’s perspective, try to understand a customer’s mind a little better.

So what does Social Media mean to customers in today’s time? You are all customers of a brand somewhere and I am sure you have all had bad experiences with those brands at some point that you wanted to complain about. Did you find any success over the phone at all?

The odds that a customer will resort to social media to complain about a brand’s services or products are increasing on a daily basis as social media becomes more and more popular among them.

As a customer, one would essentially like to see their problems resolved swiftly without any hassle or fuss but these issues tend to take longer than desired to be resolved as many businesses still opt to keep their customer services and complaint management over the phone and email.

Pleasing customers is becoming more and more difficult when they have such an attractive platform to use to vent their discontent and with this, the uphill battle becomes tougher and tougher.

Have you experienced or witnessed this in development? If so, how did you think the brand handled it, if it was handled at all?

Come join the discussion on Twitter with the hashtag #Customers.

What are your thoughts?

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