Social Media and Banking

Good morning everyone, we hope you are all doing well. We are already in the middle of the week, how fast is time going by!

Today we will be talking about how banks make use of Social Media to help resolve crises and reassure customers when problems arise.

We all know that trusting a bank can be difficult, especially since we all leave our hard earned money with them so when a crisis happens the first thing we worry about is whether our money is safe or not.

One specific bank that has been suffering lately is RBS and NatWest, both suffering from IT glitches that have affected their customers in one way or another and the activity towards their social channels went through the roof.

However, they seem to be adapting well to this new communication channels. They were quick to inform their customers about the issue and were prepared for the inflow of queries as they took place.

Below we will show a comparison of the first crisis and the second crisis where the improvement is visible, let us know what you think. Do you think the improvement is good enough?

Let us know and come join the discussion on twitter on @CCADGC with the hashtag #Crisis



What are your thoughts?

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