How Brands use Social Media

Is the way Brands use Social Media the right way?

When it comes to getting the Brand’s name in everyone’s minds and mouths, is constant engagement the way forward or simply a distraction from all the other methods to reach the right audiences?

Facebook is sometimes a great place for brands to interact with their customers and fans but some brands never actually leave the Facebook ground and explore other potential opportunities.

Other brands have explored many other mediums of communication and generate a lot of material, however, they do not respond when engaged with.

All these factors affect how well a brand will do within the Social Media sphere, will 2013 bring changes to how businesses interact with their customers on the Social web?

Take “Flo, the Progressive Girl.” Facebook page as an example, an insurance company discussing unicorns and rainbows with their fans. This surely increases the exposure of the brand to the public, but how serious are potential customers supposed to take this brand?

Good content sometimes does not equal success unless it is used accordingly.

The brands below are some of the most successful within the Social sphere but our questions is: Are numbers always a proof of success?

What are your thoughts on the above?