Social Media and the DGC

Here in the DGC we often see how organisations struggle to keep up with the ever demanding world of Social Media, we know it first hand as we were once one of those brands taking a first step into the Social Media world.

On a daily basis we look at how various brands are handling their mentions on the social web and how they could improve their approach to the whole aspect of having customers openly speaking about them in the rather open realm of Social Media.

During our analyses we have found good and bad examples of how Social Media is done, a very good example is Samsung, with high engagement levels across all social platforms they provide great customer service as well as quick resolution to small issues.

A bad example is, believe it or not, Apple Inc. They only have one Facebook page with a couple of million likes but not much activity going on. Apple is very popular, yes, but when it comes to the business world, if you’re not able to keep up with your competitors in all scales then eventually there will be damage.

Here is a small analysis of Apple and what people are saying about them on the Social Web as well as a chart (From demonstrating the top 10 engagers in the social web.

We have looked at mentions only coming from the UK with a date range of 5 months. As shown, there is a significant amount of activity, many negative mentions being sent out by customers which are not resolved as there is no one monitoring the activity taking place.

We have only focused on Twitter for the moment as it is the easiest way for customers to share opinions in this current day and age.




Do you think Apple can go on much longer without taking their first step into Social Media?

Finding your audience

Yesterday we looked at how Facebook is introducing their Facebook Graph Search utility which will take looking for information to a whole new level.

It is still to be determined how the public will react to it when it is finally implemented into their platform.

Let’s say no such tools were ever to be available to both the public and businesses, how does one reach their desired audience without being seen as a nuisance or inconsiderate?

Most organisations rely purely on advertising to get their brand name out there, others rely on word of mouth and only a few rely purely on Social Media so far.

What is the difference between them all? Social Media offers an organisation the chance to get their brand’s name recognised by millions of spectators and what’s the best part? It’s all for free, depending on what social platforms you use of course.

But even then, Social Media has its obstacles when it comes to getting recognised. Your audiences don’t want to hear how you can make their lives better with discounted solar panels or free pizza on a Wednesday, they want to be heard and engaged with.

A brand should always follow the grand rule: community comes first, and then comes business.

Below you can see some examples of what we can do here in the DGC, these little but powerful tools allow us to provide guidance to businesses struggling to keep up with their Social Media requirements.

We used a random Twitter account with a rather big amount of followers to demonstrate some important factors to take into consideration.

What do you think? Is your business looking into these factors to increase their brand exposure?