War of the networks

Hello everyone, we hope you are all doing well and ready for another day in this busy world. Did you find yesterday’s article interesting? Is there something you would like to add to it?

Today we will be speaking about two social networks that are in a sense very similar but also very different.

Facebook and Google+, while Facebook is very popular among the general public and businesses because of its simplicity when it comes to posting material and connecting with other users it has its weaknesses when compared to Google+.

One of those weaknesses has to be how people connect, without confirmation one could simply remain with a list of 0 friends while on Google+ it is a simple as adding someone to a circle. Facebook is also used for advertising, some pay for it while other simply post a status hoping that it will reach their desired audiences. This is simplified on Google+ with Hangouts, a great feature one can use to connect with the public without having to spend money at all.

Facebook is a great platform for the general public to communicate to their families and friends as well as brands but when it comes to doing business, Google+ seems to have the upper hand. Do you agree with us?

Take a look at the infographic we found online today and let us know what you think, your opinions count so share them with us.



What is a healthy quantity in Social Media?

Good morning everyone, we hope you are all well and that you have found yesterday’s post insightful. Today we will be discussing a different topic, this time we want to discuss how much social media should be done by brands or users alike.

This of course will vary between the different types of users, brands as an example require a longer presence depending on what the purpose of their presence is, whether it is selling their products or simply advertising them.

Twitter offers a lot more freedom in this regard as it is so simple to compose a tweet but should you really only focus on Twitter? We believe not, we believe all relevant social networks should be utilised.

If one is making a video then use Youtube to post it and all the other networks to increase its reach and so forth but going back to the initial question, how long should one spend engaging on social networks? Is there really a good amount of time and a bad amount of time to be using social media?

Our opinion is that, let’s say one wants to raise awareness about one’s services and products, then a little more time than usual is needed to carry this out as Twitter alone will not have the desired impact. Google+, Facebook and all the other popular networks need to be used as well.

Now our question to you is, how many hours per day do you think it’s needed to carry all of this out?

Let us know by commenting below or by joining the discussion on Twitter using the hashtag #DGCNetworks.

We look forward to hearing from all of you.


Customer Services & Social Media by @CCADGC

The biggest challenge in Social Media for some is to carry out the well needed customer service over the social channels but the big question is: Why aren’t businesses taking to this new capability so well and quickly?

More and more people turn to social networks to express their opinions, not having to speak to a person directly allows them to be as direct as they wish and say anything they want and this is where the customer services would come in.

Unfortunately, not many businesses have adopted this strategy to deal with their customers’ queries or simple praise as let’s not forget that customers don’t always say bad things about a brand, many times they actually express how happy they are with the service or product and this itself, presents a massive opportunity for a brand to engage.

Take EDF Energy as an example, they use Social Media for customer services but simply by looking at the rate of which people complain about them we can deduct that they do not have any monitoring system in place as many complaints go unanswered.

This is simply one of the unhappy customers we have found which was mentioned by another influential account, this is extremely dangerous for a brand!

What are your thoughts on this?


Revolutionizing the world

Not so long ago, Social Media was simply a whisper in the wind. Something that was used by all on a daily basis, however, that time was also the time when all social platforms were easier to handle and manage. All those privileges have been eradicated as the business world merged with the Social Media world.

A merger that will claim its position very swiftly and quickly. In today’s world, people are starting to struggle to keep up with the constant changes in social platforms as these same platforms also struggle to keep up with the high demands from businesses.

In an environment where only the ones who are able to keep up will reach the finish line, what can be done to ease access to all users to the Social Media world?