Social Media Improvements

Hello everyone!!

How are you all doing today?

Today we are resuming our discussions after a long busy period and we will begin with improvements, everyone makes them every now and then.

In Social Media it is essential to explore and try new things, almost as progressing through a life cycle! In this context that would mean trying new platforms to reach your audiences!

As a brand, we have done that quite a lot and just today we have started our own Facebook page and have to say, it is exciting!! Feel free to drop by and take a look, you can find us on CCA DGC.

Moving forward, the ever changing world of customer communication requires change and as seen in the last couple of months, this can mean almost anything. For unlucky brands this will come in the shape of complaints!

Has any of you experienced the need to implement change? If so, what was the reason for it?




Good morning everyone, we hope you are all doing well and ready for another busy day. Yesterday we spoke about the benefits of having Google+ and what it has that Facebook doesn’t.

Today we will speak about one of the least popular social networks that businesses don’t seem to be very attracted to but that could hide a lot of potential.

This network is Pinterest, it only has (for now) the ability to post photos, a bit like Instagram but it can become a very useful tool if used properly.

At the moment there aren’t many businesses who have taken full advantage of the benefits Pinterest offers. We have to say, this platform isn’t for everyone as not every business will find it easy to produce images to share with their communities.

However, there are enough brands that would benefit from this service, brands that rely heavily on advertising or that provide media services. It is proven that people like to see images, especially when coming from a brand and providing your community with occasional photos of what you do or even events you hold demonstrates human essence behind the brand which takes away the presence often seen as robotic.

Have many of you used Pinterest? If so, what do you think of it? Do you agree that businesses are missing out on a great resource?


Easter and Social Media

Hello everyone, we hope you all have had a great week and ready for the long weekend ahead of us, it should be a rather great one, what do you think?

It is Easter once again except this year there is something a little different happening, more brands are taking advantage of this occasion to please their customers and increase popularity.

Let’s take Tesco as an example, this Easter they have launched the #FindTheEggs Social Media Campaign where people use Google streetview to find eggs in whatever location they choose.

There are many prizes to be won but the one being used most to advertise the campaign is free chocolate, question is, is this a good way to get the campaign going?

It is still early stages therefore we won’t know how successful this campaign will be until it’s over. However, until now it has not generated much activity but as the day progresses it may become more popular.

Have you come across this campaign yet? What did you think of it?



Time and Social Media

Good morning everyone, we hope you are all well and ready for another busy week ahead. This week we shall be having great discussions about Social Media.

First of all, did you find last week’s content helpful for you? If you could add anything, what would it be?

Today we will be discussing time in Social Media, how should one vary the content being shared onto their social platforms?

Different brands will have different views on this subject because of course, different brands will have different content to share. This is a big factor to take into consideration when deciding what to share and how often.

The easiest way to do this would be of course to have a plan laid out for a whole period of time but how easy is this really? Especially when crises, announcements and other events have to be taken into consideration, one can know when events will be taking place but can’t tell when a crisis is going to hit.

One key thing is to never stop pushing out that all precious content because there is a crisis taking place, your audience still wants to hear from you. The audience that is the cause of the crisis will then see the effort you’re making and hopefully be influenced by your good public’s reaction.

That is simply one of the many aspects of social media that go around in a cycle, affecting one part of it will help another part of it. However, this will always depend on how affected it is.

Starting Fresh

Good morning everyone, we hope you are all doing well and that you found yesterday’s article insightful.

While yesterday we spoke about automating material for your social networks, today we will speak about a completely different topic. Starting fresh in Social Media, a few steps a business / brand /user must take in order to succeed in Social Media when getting into it.

First of all, we’d like to ask you how long have you been Social Mediaing? Have you found it easy to get to where you stand now?

Believe it or not, many brands are still entering the very varied world of Social Media and everyone knows from experience that during this transition it is very hard to know what is right and what is wrong when it comes to attracting the right kind of attention.

So what are the tricks to getting in the spotlight? Firstly, it is very important that one decides what the daily discussions will be based around, avoiding to speak about random subjects will keep your audience interested even though it is recommendable to relax sometimes and speak about unrelated subjects (this should be done not very regularly, lets say every Friday is fine).

Secondly, engagement is a must, if your audience engages with you, don’t keep them waiting. Respond to every query, reply or simply take the first step and engage with your audience, waiting for someone to talk to you doesn’t always work.

Finally, keeping rules within the social sphere will help make sure that nothing is done unintentionally and that one is always on top of what is happening, of course, for some this has not worked hence why we have to emphasise that this must be done on a daily basis.

These are simply some of the important steps to take when entering the social world, there are plenty more to take into account but if you have done the above then you are on the right path to finding the all sought for Social Exposure!

Do you find the above helpful? Have you done any of these steps so far? Has it worked?

Let us know by commenting below or replying on Twitter with the Hashtag #DGCSteps

We look forward to hearing from all of you.


Why patience is important

Hello everyone, we hope you are all well and that you’ve enjoyed yesterday’s post.

After looking at why you shouldn’t be too hasty with Social Media we will now look at why patience is very important while waiting for results.

With many brands launching massive advertising campaigns on several social networking sites hoping to reach massive amounts of audience, it is sometimes difficult to wait for the results to come in whether positive or negative. It takes time to obtain any results from such efforts and in some instances it will take longer than usual depending on which platform is being used.

Take Facebook as an example, launching a paid advertising campaign there has a high probability of generating results quickly but on Twitter, due to the fact that it’s so easy to use a simple tweet as the advertising itself it will not be easy to track the results. Of course, bearing in mind that Twitter also offers paid advertising, this can also be an option if the resources are available.

So why is patience so important? Firstly, before any effort is made to reach an audience, one must make sure the right tools are in place in order to measure whether the campaign is having the desired effect and most importantly, one must always keep a watchful eye over everything that is happening around the campaign itself to avoid a ricochet effect!

Overall, when attempting to promote your services on any social network, you must look at what that network can offer in order to be able to see how everything works and how it can be measured as some networks do not have any insights facility like Facebook.

Advertising is a must when it comes to business and now with Social Media being part of it, the right plans and strategies must be in place in order for it to succeed.

What do you think about the above? Has this happened to you? Let us know by commenting below or join the discussion on Twitter @CCADGC.


The “Vicious” Social Media Cycle

Social Media is for most of us a blessing, we can share and be in the know about everything that is happening across the globe.

But really, how damaging is Social Media really? To some, it has no effect but to others it can be branded as a weapon of mass destruction.

Which are you?

Here in our DGC (Digital Generation Centre) we regularly come across many examples of how Social Media has gone from a day to day commodity to a mechanism used to directly affect another individual, in this case, a brand.

What are your thoughts on how Social Media is used nowadays?