Automated Social Media

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Yesterday we spoke about thinking before tweeting, first and foremost, thank you all who have commented and reblogged the post, it is much appreciated. We hope you have found the content relevant to you but the journey doesn’t end yet, there is plenty more in Social Media to speak about like today’s topic, automating activity in Social Media, good or bad? What do you think?

There are many aspects of Social Media that can become disastrous if not done right, automating material is one of them. Do you ever receive a message immediately after you follow someone? Does it ask you to take a look at their product or like a specific page? Yes, that’s right, it’s most likely this message has been automated to be sent to every single new follower.

Now, this is a great strategy as it saves a lot of time but does it really work? And how do you measure its effectiveness?

There are so many services available online that allow users to automate material but they do not offer any way of monitoring how effective it is, at least not for free so how do you track it without having to spend a fortune? For general users it is a great idea to use free services like to monitor your links, if there isn’t any links in the message then it may be a good idea to include them as it allows for easier tracking.

Overall, automating is extremely helpful and it can increase your coverage tenfold but one has to make sure the right material is being shared as if you share a tweet about an onion when your audience speaks only of potatoes then there will be a problem.

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Monitoring + Engagement

It has been a long time since we have been watching the fast movement within the Social Media world and throughout we have seen many ups and many downs.

Here in the DGC we take many aspects into consideration when conducting a detailed analysis, sometimes you may simply want to find out who is saying negative things about you and where they are saying it. Others, you may simply want to see who loves your brand and is saying wonders about it.

No matter which you pick them both will have to be conducted the same way. The results however, will be very different and what you choose to do with them is what will count in the end.

We look at the negative results as opportunities to improve a service and sometimes as a way to learn something new about how to deal with customers and how to resolve issues that most of the times are rather simple to resolve.

As a brand, how would you use Social Media to resolve customer complaints, engage with your community and track any possible opportunities? Would  you carry out the normal day-to-day activity or would you continuously monitor for specific mentions?


Starting Fresh

Good morning everyone, we hope you are all doing well and that you found yesterday’s article insightful.

While yesterday we spoke about automating material for your social networks, today we will speak about a completely different topic. Starting fresh in Social Media, a few steps a business / brand /user must take in order to succeed in Social Media when getting into it.

First of all, we’d like to ask you how long have you been Social Mediaing? Have you found it easy to get to where you stand now?

Believe it or not, many brands are still entering the very varied world of Social Media and everyone knows from experience that during this transition it is very hard to know what is right and what is wrong when it comes to attracting the right kind of attention.

So what are the tricks to getting in the spotlight? Firstly, it is very important that one decides what the daily discussions will be based around, avoiding to speak about random subjects will keep your audience interested even though it is recommendable to relax sometimes and speak about unrelated subjects (this should be done not very regularly, lets say every Friday is fine).

Secondly, engagement is a must, if your audience engages with you, don’t keep them waiting. Respond to every query, reply or simply take the first step and engage with your audience, waiting for someone to talk to you doesn’t always work.

Finally, keeping rules within the social sphere will help make sure that nothing is done unintentionally and that one is always on top of what is happening, of course, for some this has not worked hence why we have to emphasise that this must be done on a daily basis.

These are simply some of the important steps to take when entering the social world, there are plenty more to take into account but if you have done the above then you are on the right path to finding the all sought for Social Exposure!

Do you find the above helpful? Have you done any of these steps so far? Has it worked?

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Why Fridays are great in Social Media

Hello everyone, we hope you are all doing well and ready for the weekend.

Yesterday we spoke about why patience is important while devising and carrying out social media plans to increase business productivity (Advertising / Marketing).

Today we will speak about how great Fridays are when it comes to reaching your audience. We will start by asking all of you how you usually attempt to reach a number of people, do you use Facebook for this, Twitter, or any other social network?

Of course, not all social networks offer the same opportunities, whereas on Twitter you can simply tweet #FF and add a couple of Twitter handles to reach more people, on Facebook the same rule does not apply. Unfortunately there is no such thing as follow Friday on Facebook which makes us wonder, does Facebook experience less traffic on Friday than all the other days due to Twitter’s follow Friday?

On Twitter on the other hand, Friday is the only day where it is acceptable to tag people in your tweet for no apparent reason without sounding like a stalker, this on its own has its advantages when used by businesses as it allows them to reach a huge number of people without people thinking they are being sold something, of course with some people this will not be the case.

Overall, Fridays are great for Social Media users and taking full advantage of it should be priority to anyone wanting to grow their reach and increase awareness about their products or services.

What do you think of the above? Do you have any suggestions to the questions asked? Let us know below with a comment or go onto Twitter and answer with the hashtag #FFArticle.


Tracking, Monitoring and Engagement

Hello everyone, we hope you are all well.

Yesterday we spoke about the efforts that need to be made when trying to be successful at Social Media, today we will speak about three different aspects of Social Media.

First of all there is the tracking side of things. This is important mostly because it allows a brand to in a sense, search for mentions relevant to them. Of course this entails a lot of work but this amount of work always pays off at the end of the day. Tracking mentions always reveals the bigger picture about the brand.

Moving forward then there is the monitoring. Tracking is specific which means it will not take place every day unless you have a lot of time to play with, that’s why monitoring is great. It allows the brand to see what people are saying about them without having to sit behind a screen all day looking for the mentions, this usually takes place by setting specific queries and having the results come in automatically, saves a lot of time too.

Finally there is the final part, the engagement, of course this will only happen if it is absolutely necessary. While engagement with the community should always take place regardless of what the circumstances are, this type of engagement sometimes will not be necessary unless there is a crisis to manage or a brand advocate is found.

Overall, these steps are very important for a brand when trying to keep up with their customers and audience. Is there anything you would add to this?

Let us know with a comment below.


Social Media and the DGC

Here in the DGC we often see how organisations struggle to keep up with the ever demanding world of Social Media, we know it first hand as we were once one of those brands taking a first step into the Social Media world.

On a daily basis we look at how various brands are handling their mentions on the social web and how they could improve their approach to the whole aspect of having customers openly speaking about them in the rather open realm of Social Media.

During our analyses we have found good and bad examples of how Social Media is done, a very good example is Samsung, with high engagement levels across all social platforms they provide great customer service as well as quick resolution to small issues.

A bad example is, believe it or not, Apple Inc. They only have one Facebook page with a couple of million likes but not much activity going on. Apple is very popular, yes, but when it comes to the business world, if you’re not able to keep up with your competitors in all scales then eventually there will be damage.

Here is a small analysis of Apple and what people are saying about them on the Social Web as well as a chart (From demonstrating the top 10 engagers in the social web.

We have looked at mentions only coming from the UK with a date range of 5 months. As shown, there is a significant amount of activity, many negative mentions being sent out by customers which are not resolved as there is no one monitoring the activity taking place.

We have only focused on Twitter for the moment as it is the easiest way for customers to share opinions in this current day and age.




Do you think Apple can go on much longer without taking their first step into Social Media?

Business without Social Media

After discussing Facebook’s Graph Search yesterday we now ask, would a business be able to carry on without ever using Social Media at all?

Taking all aspects that Social Media can offer to a business our answer is no, no business will be able to carry on without adopting Social Media at some point. While some will survive for a couple more years without engaging with customers on Twitter or Facebook, others will succumb to the ever growing risk of being in the middle of a crisis and not knowing where it started or how to end it.

But let’s speak about the most important sides of Social Media. The Tracking, Monitoring and
Engagement side are a must if a business wants to succeed in the social world.

Twitter being one of the most popular platforms people use to express their opinions, how does a business keep itself updated without tracking these all important mentions? But most importantly, without any monitoring, how does a business even know there are current customers discussing or even complaining about their services in the social web?

These are all important actions that need to be carried out in order to be successful at Social Media and there are prime examples of how businesses fail to respond to their customers, many times.

See below the mentions we have tracked by a specific business, unfortunately these have not been responded to which leads us to believe if a crisis breaks loose this business won’t even know until its already too late.

Having a bad comment about you on the social web happens, but when there are several across different platforms then there is definitely something to worry about.

We used a random brand to conduct this analysis and as shown, there is reason for this brand to dive straight into Social Media and begin the long process of mending what is broken. These are simply some of the comments we came across for there are many more.

What do you think the easiest steps to resolve these issues are? Do you think there is still time?


Finding your audience

Yesterday we looked at how Facebook is introducing their Facebook Graph Search utility which will take looking for information to a whole new level.

It is still to be determined how the public will react to it when it is finally implemented into their platform.

Let’s say no such tools were ever to be available to both the public and businesses, how does one reach their desired audience without being seen as a nuisance or inconsiderate?

Most organisations rely purely on advertising to get their brand name out there, others rely on word of mouth and only a few rely purely on Social Media so far.

What is the difference between them all? Social Media offers an organisation the chance to get their brand’s name recognised by millions of spectators and what’s the best part? It’s all for free, depending on what social platforms you use of course.

But even then, Social Media has its obstacles when it comes to getting recognised. Your audiences don’t want to hear how you can make their lives better with discounted solar panels or free pizza on a Wednesday, they want to be heard and engaged with.

A brand should always follow the grand rule: community comes first, and then comes business.

Below you can see some examples of what we can do here in the DGC, these little but powerful tools allow us to provide guidance to businesses struggling to keep up with their Social Media requirements.

We used a random Twitter account with a rather big amount of followers to demonstrate some important factors to take into consideration.

What do you think? Is your business looking into these factors to increase their brand exposure?


Social Media Influence

Good morning all!

The influence of Social Media in the business world is becoming stronger and stronger by the minute with many different brands turning to this tool to promote and monitor their progress where the human eye cant be always watching.

The capabilities are endless when it comes to SM and in some cases it is clear that many people/businesses are not aware of this as they opt to stay out of the Social Media spectrum. This will determine the future as SM settles into our day-to-day lives.

Here at the DGC we have the capability to aid in all these areas and many more, our expertise is what sets us apart from everyone else. If you would like to find out more then please feel free to contact Peru Fourie on 02078145282 and we will be happy to help.