Social Tone

Good morning everyone, it is finally Friday and the weekend is right around the corner now. What are your plans for this weekend?

Today we will speak about tone of voice in the social sphere and how it affects any efforts to reach the desired audiences.

Social Media is all about communication, without this important component there is no success to be found or popularity to be gained.

It is always advisable to begin your social media efforts by engaging as much as possible when opportunities arise but the most advisable thing is to keep this going once the goal is achieved, especially if a business is being promoted. Potential and current customers will not appreciate being left alone with their queries and responses ignored.

The secret to making sure this doesn’t happen is to always be up to date with what is happening in your community and participate where applicable, the outcome of these engagements will be very positive and will increase your exposure.

Do you engage regularly with your community? If so, do you find it successful and helpful to reach your goals?


Growth in Social Media

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Yesterday we spoke about Chevrolet returning to Facebook advertising after being away from it for a while year and whether they will be successful at it or not. Thank you for all your answers and likes, we hope you found the article interesting.

Today we will discuss the growth of social media and how it is impacting the sectors in which it is used.

While there are still a handful of businesses that are not benefiting from social media, there are plenty who have adopted it. Some do it well while others are still finding their way around it. It is during this journey of discovery that a business will realise the potential (hopefully).

Going back to when the first social network was created, in 1997, when users began being able to create personal profiles and add friends to their profiles. This would be a milestone in social networking and looking at where everything stands today we have to say, what an improvement!

Today, social networking has evolved into a whole new level, into the business level. Users no longer use networks simply to communicate with family and friends but also to speak about or to brands and as it has been seen over the last couple of months, this can be both great and disastrous.

Overall, social media has created an opportunity to make up for another area that lacks a little bit of something and now the real test will be, whether it will be used to its full capability.

What do you think?

Social Media Power

Hello everyone, we hope you are all doing well and ready for another busy day ahead. The weekend is looming once more.

Yesterday we spoke about why it is important to be professional while being present in Social Media, we hope you found the article useful to your efforts.

Today we will speak about how the power is shifting away from phone calls and emails to Social Media, more and more as time goes by.

Whereas a couple of years ago there wasn’t really much worry about what people were posting about, today it is essential to keep up to date with what people are saying, especially on Twitter.

Many businesses focus more on Facebook to look out for complaints or any type of damaging mentions about their brands, however, Twitter needs as much focus as any other network, if not more.

It is easy to focus solely on Facebook and other networks simply for the fact that there is more freedom to express emotions when writing, especially when there are no limits to how much one can write. Twitter has a limit but even though this is the case, as seen nowadays, much can be said in 140 characters.

Will all brands be able to keep up with the shift of power of will they succumb?

What do you think?


Good morning everyone, we hope you are all doing well and ready for another busy day. Yesterday we spoke about the benefits of having Google+ and what it has that Facebook doesn’t.

Today we will speak about one of the least popular social networks that businesses don’t seem to be very attracted to but that could hide a lot of potential.

This network is Pinterest, it only has (for now) the ability to post photos, a bit like Instagram but it can become a very useful tool if used properly.

At the moment there aren’t many businesses who have taken full advantage of the benefits Pinterest offers. We have to say, this platform isn’t for everyone as not every business will find it easy to produce images to share with their communities.

However, there are enough brands that would benefit from this service, brands that rely heavily on advertising or that provide media services. It is proven that people like to see images, especially when coming from a brand and providing your community with occasional photos of what you do or even events you hold demonstrates human essence behind the brand which takes away the presence often seen as robotic.

Have many of you used Pinterest? If so, what do you think of it? Do you agree that businesses are missing out on a great resource?


War of the networks

Hello everyone, we hope you are all doing well and ready for another day in this busy world. Did you find yesterday’s article interesting? Is there something you would like to add to it?

Today we will be speaking about two social networks that are in a sense very similar but also very different.

Facebook and Google+, while Facebook is very popular among the general public and businesses because of its simplicity when it comes to posting material and connecting with other users it has its weaknesses when compared to Google+.

One of those weaknesses has to be how people connect, without confirmation one could simply remain with a list of 0 friends while on Google+ it is a simple as adding someone to a circle. Facebook is also used for advertising, some pay for it while other simply post a status hoping that it will reach their desired audiences. This is simplified on Google+ with Hangouts, a great feature one can use to connect with the public without having to spend money at all.

Facebook is a great platform for the general public to communicate to their families and friends as well as brands but when it comes to doing business, Google+ seems to have the upper hand. Do you agree with us?

Take a look at the infographic we found online today and let us know what you think, your opinions count so share them with us.


Social Media In a Nutshell

Social Media has been around since the internet itself has been around. In many ways that are not seen as part of Social Media.

As the years have gone by, SM started invading the everyday lives of millions creating more opportunities and improving the means of communication between two individuals until of course, it got to the stage where businesses saw the potential and faced SM head on.

Now, SM is part of almost everything we use everyday and it is here to stay. Businesses are welcoming their new “employee” and making it part of everything they do.

Has your business employed this new tool or is it still assessing it?

Social Influencers

Good morning everyone, we hope you are all doing well and ready for another week!

Today we will be speaking about influencers and how they can help you raise awareness for your brand.

First of all we want to ask you what your definition of an influencer is, we understand that people have different views on what an influencer should be and it will be interesting to see the responses.

We will begin by looking at what type of influencers there are. There is the low authority influencer which would be the average user of social media, the medium influencer which knows about social media but is not extremely active on it and then there are the high authority influencers which know or may not know much about social media but are either public personalities like celebrities or gurus in a specific field of knowledge.

All social media efforts depend on which group of influencers you decide to target, if you are a brand trying to raise awareness about your products and services then targeting a user that has a high authority may not be the right thing to do simply because you think you will be reaching millions of people. In these situations it would be best to target the low influencers as they will be the ones whose opinions count, people don’t take recommendations from public figures as well as they take them from their friends.

Finally, when trying to get your brand’s name in everyone’s mind and mouth it is essential to not flood the social web with material targeting the wrong audience. If you’re selling potatoes then target your material at people who speak of potatoes.

What are your thoughts on the above? Let us know by commenting below or by taking part of the discussion on Twitter with the Hashtag #DGCInfluencer

Rivalry in the Social Media universe

Today it was announced that Tory PM Louise Mensch is planning to launch a social networking platform that will rival Twitter. Taking the fact that so many people have tried in the past to create a social network that would rival Facebook, Twitter and so forth but failed to impress the general crowd, what will be in place this time in order to change this?

One must understand the dynamics and take every side of the equation into the account as going up against such powerful entities is not a feat that can be carried out by anyone.

The social clock will soon start to tick as the countdown to persuade users to migrate from their current social networking sites to Mensch begins.