Think before you tweet

Hello everyone, we hope you are all well.

Yesterday we spoke about why brand advocates are important for a brand or business, did you find the information valuable? Let us know.

Today we will speak about what happens when thinking gets overshadowed by tweeting. There have been many mishaps in the past with brands tweeting the wrong content and obtaining a hostile reaction from the public.

Today we will use The Onion and their tweet relating to the Oscars 2013. The Oscars have generated an immense amount of activity in Social Media and of course, Social Media wouldn’t be what it is today without a few mistakes.

The Onion tweeted what many found offensive, unfortunately we cannot quote this tweet due to its nature or show a sample of it as it is now deleted. Many thought that the four letter word used to describe the young 9 year old actress Quvenzhane Wallis was not appropriate, even more so since it is coming from such an entity.

Unfortunately, this will be a wound that The Onion is going to have to wait to heal, events like this can have uncontrollable consequences as once the public is aware of what has happened it is very complicated to return to how things were before, even after issuing an apology like their director has done.

So remember, think before you tweet or the consequences of it may be more than you can handle.

What do you think of the above? Have you followed this story? Your thoughts are valuable to us so share them here 🙂



Social Media Analytics

Social Media can be a tricky affair when not used properly, not knowing how stay up to date with the trends and what people are saying about brands, especially when one of those brands are your own.

Here in the DGC we are able to do just that, our expertise and experience allow us to be always in the know. Our highly intelligent tool provides great insights into how businesses are doing and whether they are doing it right.

From simply finding out what people are saying we have moved on to other areas such as Customer Services or Customer Engagement which we believe most businesses still lack in experience and tactics.

So how would a business benefit from our services?

The answer is easy, with our ability to generate detailed reports demonstrating how the brand is referred to in the social web and to find any desired information by building highly accurate queries we are able to provide valuable information on how a brand can change their ways as well as how they can make the most of Social Media to increase their ROI.

Just like we have been providing information on what Comet, Jessops and HMV did wrong, we would do something very similar for other brands. And that is why we can say that Social Media is one of the most valuable assets a business can have and without it, it is like being in the dark not knowing what is going to happen next.

Today we have chosen another brand to analyse, today we picked Tesco, after their unfortunate issue of Horsemeat in their burgers. It is time once again to check whether they are being able to handle the fallout of the eruption created by customers in the social web.

As shown, the amount of conversation taking place on the social web is huge. We specifically searched for any mentions from the general public and excluded any from Tesco themselves and the result was rather shocking.

The number of mentions is going up by the minute and none of these mention are by Tesco which leaves us to believe they have not made any sort of effort to try and contain this issue while there is still time.

Below are some of the results we have generated with their correspondent dates, as shown, when searching for mentions within 14th January and 17th January, there are more results generated than when searching within 1st January and 17th January! A rather worrying fact considering Tesco does not have the best history with resolving complaints on the Social Web.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think Tesco will get out of this without facing any challenges?


The “Vicious” Social Media Cycle

Social Media is for most of us a blessing, we can share and be in the know about everything that is happening across the globe.

But really, how damaging is Social Media really? To some, it has no effect but to others it can be branded as a weapon of mass destruction.

Which are you?

Here in our DGC (Digital Generation Centre) we regularly come across many examples of how Social Media has gone from a day to day commodity to a mechanism used to directly affect another individual, in this case, a brand.

What are your thoughts on how Social Media is used nowadays?


Social Media Business

Many businesses are finding new ways to take advantage of any aspect of the world of Social Media and in the process discovering new tactics and strategies that can optimize performance in the business side of things.

Although many businesses are still not aware of the power of Social Media, they are slowly but surely waking up to the reality of what the world of tomorrow will look like due to the impact of the new approach being taken via the Social Media medium.

The influence of Social Media

Social Media has become an essential part of all our day-to-day lives but do you know how Social Media is taking part in your everyday activities?

Many of us have been part of the whole Social Media spectrum for a very long time but have not been aware of it. What has for years been a luxury for some has now become a tool of communication between many different types of communities, consumers and business as well as groups of employees.

There is still a high percentage of the population that are still in the dark about the doors that Social Media will open in the future and the ones that are already open. Consumers are slowly catching on and realising the power of social media to have their issues resolved by their service providers faster and that their comments are in the public eye, available and shared by everyone.

From a consumer point of view – we wonder how many of you realise the power of opting for the social media channel as a channel to resolve your queries with brands on.

How social media can help you make the right business decision pre-product launch stage.

Yesterday Microsoft announced their new Tablet PC, called Surface. This was immediately interpreted as Microsoft’s new effort to challenge Apple’s Ipad which caused a massive spike in social media mentions around this topic across the globe.

The biggest question surrounding this subject is: Where is the need for advertising when all a business needs to do is announce a product and make sure the right audience are listening? Social Media is indeed the best place to track such mentions, analyse sentiment and to guide the business to make the right strategic decision prior to the actual launch of the product.

The DGC allows you to track all these conversations in real time and to discover the sentiment around these discussions.

With more and more organisations seeing the value in social media as opposed to traditional advertising many evolutionary changes to the way we do business is under way.


For more information on how the CCA DGC can support your business across different departments please contact Peru Fourie on – +44(0)207 192 1103 and he would be happy to help.


Social Media – Behind the scenes

One of the most coveted tools in Social Media is Facebook. With over 900 Million users worldwide, Facebook has given rise to an empire of its own and for years it has been the centre of attention when the “Social Networking” subject arises among the public.

But its popularity has had its ups and downs and now another down has been revealed to be added to the list. Likester launched an app to monitor how advertising companies target Facebook users even when their accounts are set to the utmost private setting available.

The famous “Like” button seems to be the culprit here and it seems advertising companies are hiding behind this tool to go undetected while they capture the user’s interests, habits and other relevant information. Is this the shortcut advertisers have found to capture details that users believe are protected by privacy settings to flood Facebook’s users’s walls with ads? Will the regulators be stepping in at some point is another question.

What is clear – companies are doing everything they can to take full advantage of the digital age and to collect as much information available to further its marketing and brand development efforts.