Social Media In a Nutshell

Social Media has been around since the internet itself has been around. In many ways that are not seen as part of Social Media.

As the years have gone by, SM started invading the everyday lives of millions creating more opportunities and improving the means of communication between two individuals until of course, it got to the stage where businesses saw the potential and faced SM head on.

Now, SM is part of almost everything we use everyday and it is here to stay. Businesses are welcoming their new “employee” and making it part of everything they do.

Has your business employed this new tool or is it still assessing it?


Advertising using Social Media

Hello everyone, we hope you are all doing well and ready for another day in this busy week!

Yesterday we looked at how some brands take advantage of what is a bad moment for some in order to take over the spotlight. We used Oreo Cookies as an example, they did this wonderfully and reaped the rewards in the end.

Today we will talk about using Social Media to advertise your brand and products and how effective it really is.

The great side to using Social Media to advertise is that in most platforms, this is not limited to brands alone, look at Facebook and Twitter, they allow any user to promote specific content in order for it to reach a bigger audience maximising their ROI.

Today we will talk about using Twitter as a platform to advertise products and services. This extremely large community offers the opportunity to increase awareness and tempt potential customers to engage with the material being promoted, this can be done for free and it is not time consuming at all but how does this compare to paid advertising?

Paid advertising immediately makes you think that you will have to spend huge amounts to reach the desired audience, but this type of advertising is actually achievable without spending too much.

Twitter allows users to control how much is spent by only charging per click (when someone follows or RTs) and this is what makes it so accessible.

However, this will only work if the right material is made available to the audience, if you are a business selling computer components don’t go in talking about how ice cream is nice on a Friday evening, it confuses your audience and it decreases your chances of getting something back from the effort you have put in already.


Social Media: Business Responsiveness

Greetings to all.

How is Social Media working for you? Here we discover everyday a new way we and a business could benefit from the use of SM, once again, the possibilities are endless.

The fact that engagement is made possible between a brand and a customer via SM is the main interest at this given time and place. The ability for a business to incorporate this into their way of thinking is what will place them in a different bracket in the business world.

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O2 And Social Media

O2 has been another victim of a good old crisis which have placed it right next to the likes of NatWest. With high volumes of complaints flooding in from all corners, how did O2 handle their crisis from a Social Media perspective?

As many other businesses, they struggled and are still struggling to keep up with all the customers complaining and targeting them on the social web. After carrying out an analysis on their crisis we could determine that with the right tools, they would have been able to contain this issue from the beginning which would have saved a lot of time.

Let the figures do the talking in this case.


This single analysis was carried out just from the 11th July to 12th July, the amount of mentions is extraordinary and frightening for a business.

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Which brand do you want us to analyze next? Let us know.

The Challenges of Social Media

The Olympics have officially started and now more than ever the help of Social Media will become essential during this crucial time.

As this weekend unfolded, many turned to SM to ask one question that was puzzling both the public and the Olympics organizers.

Why were so many seats in so many events empty?

As this question traveled through the social web, it remained unanswered for hours. Now with the right tools in place, the organizers would have been able to pick this up, investigate and respond in a reasonable amount of time.

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Social Media in Perspective

Good afternoon all!

These last couple of weeks have been very decisive for some businesses who haven’t fully incorporated Social Media into their strategies and everyday routines. Take NatWest and O2 as examples, they have unfortunately both been victims of technical issues which affected a substantial number of customers in turn, taking a huge impact on their brand’s reputation.

Now, being up to date with the tools that Social Media can offer, they would have been able to handle these issues in a much effective manner.

Here at the DGC we have been able to pin point the areas in which they required help through extensive analyses. These analyses could then be used to terminate these types of issues and avoid any further damage.

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The Social Media Aftershock

Good morning everyone.

These last few weeks have been riddled with many obstacles for some businesses, starting with NatWest and ending with O2.

NatWest’s IT glitch may have cost them the loyalty of thousands, if not millions of customers due to the inability to immediately react to what people were saying in the Social Web. After intensive analysis, we were able to determine that they were not responsive enough to contain the situation, all because they did not have the right tools and strategies in place. We have all these tools and know the strategy.

Today we shall focus on O2, lets see what people are saying about yesterday’s outage! The clock has begun ticking!

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Social Media Reluctancy

Social Media is new in the business world and many are reluctant to incorporate it into their habits and strategies.

The question is, how long can a business endure without joining the SM world? It is a big question and one that will be answered in due time.

As time goes by, more and more realize how their businesses would benefit from even the tiniest help from Social Media, have you realized this yet?

Let us know.

Social Media Influence

Good morning all!

The influence of Social Media in the business world is becoming stronger and stronger by the minute with many different brands turning to this tool to promote and monitor their progress where the human eye cant be always watching.

The capabilities are endless when it comes to SM and in some cases it is clear that many people/businesses are not aware of this as they opt to stay out of the Social Media spectrum. This will determine the future as SM settles into our day-to-day lives.

Here at the DGC we have the capability to aid in all these areas and many more, our expertise is what sets us apart from everyone else. If you would like to find out more then please feel free to contact Peru Fourie on 02078145282 and we will be happy to help.


Social Media. The Right and Left Hand of a Business

Good morning everyone.

A new week has begun and with it new opportunities will arise. What will Social Media provide for us this week?

Every week, Social Media provides new insights into different aspects of business and how to operate it but are you getting the most out of Social Media at the moment?

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