The Advancements of Social Media

A couple of weeks ago we spoke about Facebook’s Graph Search engine that will be integrated into their platform this year.

Now, since they have finally given out more information about it we can create a more solid idea of its benefits and it’s less beneficial sides.

Is being able to find what people like on Facebook going to help smaller businesses to succeed at attracting more clients or is it just going to be another one of Facebook’s strike against protecting user’s privacy?

In a sense, it can be a little bit of both. At this point in time it is only what pages people have liked that will become available as suggestions to other users searching for a particular service and that alone will indeed increase the popularity of certain businesses but it will also impact on others. Will there be a balance?

What do you think of Facebook’s new search engine? Do you think it will be a great help for businesses to get more coverage or will it be an undercover assassin?



Revolutionizing the world

Not so long ago, Social Media was simply a whisper in the wind. Something that was used by all on a daily basis, however, that time was also the time when all social platforms were easier to handle and manage. All those privileges have been eradicated as the business world merged with the Social Media world.

A merger that will claim its position very swiftly and quickly. In today’s world, people are starting to struggle to keep up with the constant changes in social platforms as these same platforms also struggle to keep up with the high demands from businesses.

In an environment where only the ones who are able to keep up will reach the finish line, what can be done to ease access to all users to the Social Media world?