About the CCA DGC

CCA International’s Digital Generation Centre, the CCA DGC, is a team of experts specialising in social media and digital strategies. Our comprehensive outlook on the quick moving and fast developing digital age resulted in the birth of the CCA DGC. We offer our clients end-to-end social media monitoring, engagement and intelligence solutions. Not only do we work with your brand in developing your social media strategies, we also provide the full solution that will respond to this your strategy. Yes, we provide you with the people as well.

The support offered by the DGC spans across departments within your business ranging from customer service, sales, marketing and PR, HR, community management and any other department where social media may be of relevance.

Our core expertise is to provide our customers with fundamental support in areas relating to customer loyalty, customer complaints management, crisis prevention and management, social sales, marketing and brand analysis, competitor analysis, pre- and post-product launch analysis, real-time monitoring on what customers say, social media footprint and strategy development, as well as direct community management. As an organisation we view the fantastic world of social media as too vast for the list to be definitive from a service offering perspective.

The propose of our corporate blog is engage with social media professionals, professionals that are interested in talking about social media and those professional that may be a complete novice to this existing area. We want to hear your views, what challenges you are facing, and encourage you to share your experiences relating to social media with us.

If this is your first time visiting our blog, we want to extend a big welcome to you. We hope you will find our discussions relevant and of interest to you. We look forward to you becoming part of our great community. Please do follow us.

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